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    2014-04-10 18:21:49

To do the computer game "Intelligent Investor" with W. Buffett experience I have now solid team, time schedule and budget (attached). For 1 million Euros or 1,35 million USD in 13 months time after funding of the project will be agreed, we will manufacture in LIthuania and will present our computer game "Intelligent Investor" to the World public and will give a nice, polite and meaningful game especially for young people to use their time effectively getting fun they want and W. Buffett knowledge they need. We believe, that this game will change the situation in this industry and more and more nice and meaningful games will be created for especially young people, who are so eager to play computer games nowadays, but have solely choice to play something violent: to kill somebody in the computer screen. We are planning to be leaders World wide at manufacturing of useful computer games, electronic books and other modern informational material, which will offer for young people something useful and valuable in a very polite and appropriate manner, that this information will form the right habits for everyone, who will use material created by us.

But the situation today in the World is horrible, because wast majority of computer games are advocating violence, bad behavior, curse, shootings, killings and other horrors. Young people are buying these games like crazy and then using it everyday killing someone on the TV or computer screen !!!

Just one example: recently GTA 5 game has been presented to the World population. To do the game, developers have spend 265 million USD !!!. Take a look, what this game is all about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0-wc3u1WGs. In first 3 days 1 Billion USD have been collected from sales of this stuff http://www.vg247.com/2013/09/20/grand-theft-auto-5-reaches-worldwide-retail-sales-of-more-than-1-billion-in-three-days/. Now picture those millions of young people Worldwide, who are playing this horrible game everyday. We all know, that everything counts. Will they be more useful for the World society in the future? Most probably they'll apply the ideas they are getting from the game in the real life and then we all will suffer.

A century ago similar situation was in Japan, when Bushido the way of warrior has been advocated and we all remember what has happened with minds of Japanese people, when they've started to fight with the all World. Only American nuclear bombs and dead of thousands of Russian and Chinese solders in Manchuria in China were able to stop them.

So this situation, when violence is escalated World wide in the minds of young people is not acceptable for me and I'll do everything possible to stop this violence, which is spreading trough computer games World wide, damaging minds of young people. This is very dangerous situation and I'm ready to act and present alternatives to the World population, giving completely different ideas trough computer games and other tools for computers, phones and other smart devices. But the first thing I want to do is to spread Mr. Buffett knowledge, which in my opinion is unique and will be very useful for especially young people. If people, especially young ones, will get the idea how to accumulate wealth, do something useful for World society, care about the relationship with other people, we will be living in a better World. And I think, we shall do everything possible to achieve this goal. Violence escalation in minds of young people trough computer games must be stopped.

I have had a change to present this project shortly to His Royal Highness Prince of Denmark Frederick. He said, that this is good idea and blessed me to continue realization of this project. So with Royal blessing I have no other chance as to complete the project and succeed.

The problem today is, that the choice of nice, polite and right computer games is very limited. For my son, who is 7 now, I found only one computer game, teaching financial wisdom and purchased it: Monopoly, which is created back in 1902 and is transferred in to computers recently. Of course Secret Millionaire's club http://smckids.com/index.php we both are using frequently. With my project I'm going to organize some alternatives to violence in virtual World and really hope, that my project will make also real life on our Planet a little bit better. To move the project forward I need funding as presented in the budget. As you can see, the potential to also make good profit with this project is enormous. After investigation of the situation and facts, that similar products are rear and supply is very limited, I have no doubts, that the game will have huge demand. And the profit will be made in a right manner and with right tools without any damage to the society of the World.


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